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What happens when an employee is injured?

What happens after an employee is hurt at work? It’s important to report it to your workers’ compensation insurer right away. It helps the injured employee get the best care possible and receive any benefits that are due.

How does a workers’ compensation claim affect my premium?

One factor that affects your workers’ compensation premium is your loss history. Workers’ compensation claims can cause future premiums to increase. Bring employees back to work as soon as they are medically able to minimize the impact of claims on your premium.

A guide to workers’ compensation benefits

Work injuries are never a good thing, but you might find some peace of mind knowing that injured employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits to help bring them back to health and productivity.

Where can I buy workers’ compensation insurance?

Learn where to buy workers compensation insurance. In most states, you have some options. You can typically choose whether to purchase through an insurance agent, or from a carrier directly, depending on what state you live in.