Injured while violating company rules? What it means for workers’ comp

It’s important to have safety rules in place to avoid injuries at work. But what happens when an employee gets hurt while violating a company rule? Depending on the laws in your state, employees who are injured while breaking safety rules might not be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Do I need workers’ compensation coverage to hire an intern?

I know I need to provide workers’ compensation coverage for my employees, but do interns need workers’ comp coverage too? Generally, paid interns are considered to be employees and are covered by the policy. If the intern is unpaid, it can be harder to determine.

Undocumented workers can be eligible for workers’ comp benefits

Are undocumented workers eligible for workers comp? It varies from state to state. In Minnesota, undocumented workers are covered by workers’ compensation policies. If you’re unsure of your state’s laws on the subject, check with your insurance carrier.

What happens when an employee is injured?

What happens after an employee is hurt at work? It’s important to report it to your workers’ compensation insurer right away. It helps the injured employee get the best care possible and receive any benefits that are due.

That fall in the parking lot could be a work injury

Every state’s law is different, but typically employers are required to provide safe routes for employees from their vehicles into work. If an employee is hurt by falling in the designated parking lot going in or out from work, it could be considered a work injury.